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That is a very helpful reply. Actually, my wife has been skating for all her life and is just getting back into it after a 20 year layoff. The recommendations you give are what one of the top coaches in the area recommended for her (except wheels). I started skating just to go with her, and she originally wanted me to get a $100 skate figuring I would just dink around a bit and quit. I felt if I was going to go, I should at least have a decent leather boot, so bought the Riedell set up. It is a large learning curve, but I am trying to pick up what I can from watching/listening to others. It certainly is not as easy as it looks.

I have often heard that the person using one piece of equipment for several different things is either too poor to have more or knows how to use that one piece very well. There isn't a lot of chance I will ever progress to the top level, but hopefully I can get to a point where better equipment might enhance my abilities. From what I see, it appears that boots, plate, wheels, etc. for a single application run $500 or so minimum (a lot more is easily possible). So, for $1500 or so, a person can have three individual set ups. A person could have a custom boot with a nice plate and a couple of different wheels for that price or less. A semi custom boot or stock, like the 297 would lower cost considerably and give money for coaching. At least that is my thinking.
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