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Thanks for the replies. I will be concentrating on dance and figures. Might try freestyle, but little if any jumping. Just getting too old for roller derby, speed and some of the other disciplines.

I will likely continue with what I have for a while. My boots originally came with Sure Grip Competitor plates which I found to be totally dead feeling. Bought the Venus and it was a BIG difference. Thinking that wheels will also have a pretty big effect on performance. I have changed from Bones Red bearings to the Speed Six and that was a fairly significant change as well.

I understand that figures work better with a stiffer boot, so wonder if I might be able to use an ankle brace with reinforcement to help act as a stiffer boot? Lots to take in and learn. Some people make things look so simple and I get irritated thinking I should be able to do the moves as well as them. Just hope that I can get good enough to feel like entering some competition might not be too intimidating.

Good to know that some people still try to get by with one set up.
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