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It all depends on what you want to do on your skates and what compromises you are wiling to make for each discipline.

It is definitely possible to have a single pair of skates to use for dance, artistic, freestyle, speeds etc but they won't be ideal, and will limit you in certain areas.

For example, most speed skates are shoes rather than boots as they are lighter and you do not need the ankle support, but if you progress artistically you will need ankle support of jumps.

Derby boots tend to have more aggressive plate set up, but this might not be ideal for figures or freestyle.

Having said all this, you can learn and perform the basics of all disciplines with the skates and plates you have. You might want 2 sets of wheels, 57mm, hard wheel for artistic/freestyle, 62mm or larger for speed/derby for example.

I too have the 120 boot, currently on a Falcon F-16 plate but I'm getting some Crazy Venus too. Using the stock Radar Riva wheels whilst I wait for some Art Elites to arrive. These will suit me as I want to focus on artistic skating, but on the days I want to session skate or just go round at speed I'll just swap out the wheels for some larger ones, maybe tighten the trucks a little.

So in short, yes you can have a single skate to do many things but you will have to compromise in some areas and it will limit what you can achieve in certain disciplines.
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