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Originally Posted by learning2sk8 View Post
It appears everything is specialized these days as far as boots, plates and wheels. So, does a person need three or more pair of skates to be competitive? Can one pair of boots and one plate suffice with different wheels/bearings for the different events? If so, what would you recommend? I realize that this is a compromise in one or more areas, but it looks like a person could have one very nice set up for what the cost of three would be. Appreciate any thoughts.

I am new to skating, starting after retirement and currently have a Riedell 120 boot, Crazy Venus plate and Bones team logo 98A wheels. Hope to use these to get to Bronze level and want to try to work up the levels if time and ability allow. Again, thoughts on a one pair set up are appreciated.
if your talking artistic for years people used 1 set of skates and had different wheels and bearings for events. seems these days they have a different setup for each event or at least 2 setups. I think u can get away with 1 for dance and freestyle and might need a heavier boot for figures.
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