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Default Bones Ceramic Bearings and Komplex Figure wheels.

I was introduced to Komplex Figure Wheels two years ago. I like them. I have the yellow wheels on three corners of the skate and the green (Push) wheel on the forward inside wheels.

The Bones Ceramic Bearing, Artistic 7mm are 325.00 dollars on Ebay. I bought mine a couple years ago when you could get them for 200-225 dollars. I highly recommend them for dance and figures because they roll so well.

The National Floor will be the practice floor they used at Lincoln Nationals last year.

Not that it matters.but I skate Figures on the Roll Line Loop plate. They don't make that now. It looks like thier Dance plate but the action is toned down. Many roll on the Roll Line Giotto plate for figures. One of the cheapest plates you can buy.

I run the Berry Freestyle/Figure boot. I love this boot.

I skate just forward figures...Adult..I skate the Silver and Gold figures for Adults. They are only forward figures and no turns.

I won nationals last year on this combination in Bronze Figures Adult Div 2.
50-64 age division. Good luck. Maybe I will see you. What region are you from.
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