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Originally Posted by Ancient1 View Post
how about a little more info. What is your new setup and what wheels and bearings did you use before.
Used to have Risport (model forgotten), Atlas plates, Phafnir bearings and Hyper Tracer wheels and did ok (Reg medalist & Nat finalist).

Current setup is Ridell/Snyder S/D figure/Bones Swiss and Giotto 61's hard with a med push wheel. No turns now for me - just the forward figures lol....

We'll see how they do. Getting the bearings into and out of the Giotto's was a PAIN. It almost felt like I was going to damage the bearing. I still have a set of perfect Pharnir's for dance, and will need new wheels for those as well... using the Hyper Dance on that set.

It's been a long time, regional's is two months away....not sure *what* I was thinking...
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