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Default Skating rink traps: Skittles

It's Black Friday today and everybody is out shopping. I decided to avoid the rat race this year and enjoy a relaxing morning at my local skating rink. I arrived at 10 AM this morning and they just opened their doors. I was the only one there. A few laps and I start collecting gum on the bottom of my wheels with a thump, thump, thump getting louder with each lap of gum build up. I asked the lady at the counter for a spatula so that I can clean up the black gum spots on the floor. She handed me a steak knife and napkin. I skated around and scraped up a few bad gum spots from my favorite turn areas and returned the knife.

Now it's 10:20 AM and a few people have arrived, 2 adults and 2 children behind the PVC on wheels darting like asteroids. By 11:00 AM it peaked to about 12 skaters until closing session at noon. During that time there were Skittles on the rink floor at the SW turn. I collected a couple and took them to the lady at the counter. Next lap, 5 more skittles in that same corner. I collected them and informed the lady at the counter. Next lap, a half dozen more scattered on the floor. I noticed 4 kids sitting on the bench where the candies were located.

I speed skate with crossovers and I think that somebody wanted to see this old man hit their Skittles and fly into the corner wall and eat crap to catch all the action on their cell phone to upload the footage for Youtube. Somebody wasted a whole bag of skittles on this wise, agile and observant old man.

On the way out I picked up some coupons on the front counter for free admission Dec. 26th. - Jan. 4th. at 12:30 - 4:00 pm Matinee Weekday sessions for the Christmas holiday.
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