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Trust me, we all make huge mistakes with skates. I made a $500 mistake with some ice skates!!!!! UGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! It hurts your soul.

I just tried on a pair of Seba FR1's and they are a little expensive, but fantastic.

If you're gonna save up and get some great skates, I'd recommend those. They are sooooo cushy on the inside, like slippers, but with a firm outer shell. They respond well to your movements and the ankle straps are adjustable, you can get them REALLY tight (even if you're skinny).

Many of my friends that are new to skating got those and are very happy. They seem to be progressing beautifully. The new local rink-owners (the best people ever) are stocking their little shop with those, so that's why I get to try em.

Worth every penny.
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