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One of the reasons I was thinking of getting another pair, as I was thinking that if I could find some with just the buckles (and not lace up) I may get a better fit. I'm not sure what's going on with the ones I purchased, they fit fine, I could get them tied, etc how I needed them for the first week and a half, just going around the house, etc.. but as soon as I took them outside to actually skate outside, I can't seem to get them tight enough. :/

I WAS going to get K2 ones, as there were a couple different models I liked but they either weren't in my size or the reviews for basically the same (as far as positive vs. negative) for them and the pair I got. I was also looking at the SEBA FR1 (I think?) and some on the powerslide site but they weren't anywhere close to my price range (at least at the moment).

I kind of just wanted some that I could get back into, was within my budget and that I could use while I saved up for a better pair... I just didn't want to wait 2-3 more years to be able to get a pair of them, lol. Which, I guess, seems silly thinking about it now.
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