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I may be a more than one pair type of person! The whole time I've had them, I've only been going around the house/my room, etc as I didn't have the protective gear. Now that I have it, I can't seem to get the skates tight enough. It feels like my foot is coming out of them, no matter how tight I have them.

So I think it may be better if I get an adjustable pair with just the buckles, but I don't know where to start with those as it doesn't look like there are many options in that area (most are laces). I'd also like a smaller wheel (that means slower right?) since on the hardwood it's VERY fast and unsteady (which could be me LMAO) but seems much faster on smooth surfaces than I'd like while I'm learning. I'm just afraid to go out with them/attempt to go outside with them being so lose.

I'm gonna keep trying (multiple socks, etc) and see if I can get them to fit like they did the first few times I wore them, as I really, really, like them.. but if I can't, I guess i'll look at the youth/adjustable ones.. So if anybody has ideas, I'm open to them. Still trying to keep them $60 or under though :'(

I'm really sad about this.
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