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Originally Posted by ValerieAnne View Post
This is the closest to the socks I have already. Would these 'spa' ones be too soft? They look like they'd be long enough, as well. The ones I have are a bit older, so have a lot more stretch to them, so I'm not sure they'd be okay, personally (I've had them for years, so they fall, etc).
Those socks look like a good start. Usually I have to try a bunch of socks with new skates. Things may change after boots get broken in too. My trick is to use tall socks, then fold them down a couple of times to create a triple-think layer around my shin area and Achilles area. Even tho the socks are tall - like mid-calf - none of the sock shows above the boot cuff as they are folded down into the boot (before I pull the boot on of course).
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