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Originally Posted by larryoracing View Post
Dear Brenda,

Let's talk about Toe Stops for American Made Skates. It seems
Atlas uses a common 5/8" thread pattern Toe Stops, so Toes Stops made for Synder, Atlas and Sure Grip should fit. Other Toes Stops for the modern Day Roll Line Skates use a different toe stop and will not work. Roll Line Skates is a European Thread pattern Toe Stop and is different than American made products. So buy an American Made Skate Toe stop of 5/8" thread pattern should work.
Roll-Line makes Toe Stops in American and European Threads. You just have to make sure your ordering the proper ones. I had the Atlas AE84 freestyle plate and still have their inline plate. Both of my skates had Roll-Line toe stops.

I have also ordered parts from Just a warning they can be very slow to respond!!
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