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Default Fits Like a Glove

I am willing to bet your boots are the wonderful 297 professionals. Because, fits like a glove were the first thoughts I had when i put mine on about 20 years ago. When I'd worn them out I replaced them with the Riedel 336 Tribute. I prefer the 297.

Also, my 297s were mounted on the suregrip classics. I like the classic plates, but I really love the Roll-Line Mistrals mounted on my 336.

The 297 offers the fit beyond compare, and for me was plenty stiff enough to land jumps, and do three turns, and such.

The 336 has never fit as well as the 297, even though it is built on the same last. Another drawback to the 336, the metal lace keeper has worn through the shearling on one of my boots. I had to remove it in order to keep it from digging into my ankle.

Anyway, you have a nice set of skates.
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