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Smile SixSkate thanks for the Photo. Awesome Skates!

Dear Brenda,

Wow, your story sounds familiar. It seems that a lot of skaters have parents who have owned skating rinks. I know of three at our skating rink?????

Let's talk about skating rinks in South Carolina I looked at a 2016 Nationals Roller Skating Program and it listed two contestants who qualified out of South Carolina. One skater came from Kates Skating Rink, 1530 Celnese Rd, Rock Hill, South Carolina and the other skater skated out of Roller Time Skate Center, 2310 River Rd, Piedmont, South Carolina. That's all I know and no! Good Luck. There were a few more contestants from North Carolina.

Let's talk about Toe Stops for American Made Skates. It seems
Atlas uses a common 5/8" thread pattern Toe Stops, so Toes Stops made for Synder, Atlas and Sure Grip should fit. Other Toes Stops for the modern Day Roll Line Skates use a different toe stop and will not work. Roll Line Skates is a European Thread pattern Toe Stop and is different than American made products. So buy an American Made Skate Toe stop of 5/8" thread pattern should work.

Let's talk about health. Most people who skate have some kind of health problem, so we all skate to claim the "Fountain of Youth" and regain our health and hopefully live a long life. Most people are doing pretty good with their health problems and skating all along the way. You are no different. Good for YOU!!!!!

One place where you might find parts for and Atlas Skate is the Competitive Skater. Good Luck!

I don't know how old you are but Competitive Skating for Adults...18 and older is geared to make life a lot easier. Easier Figures with no turns and Dances, Solo and Team that only skate forwards and no backwards skating if you wish.

Well, I hope you find a Rink to skate out of. I hope you continue Skating. You should be able to find parts for your Atlas Skates and I think you local skating rink should be able to help you with a Toe Stop.

Thanks for posting and good health and a happy new year.


Larry O

P.S. Believe it or not ,not to many people can do a Single Loop jump at our Rink. Older people 45-63 years old. I completed three in a row the other day and I'm 63 years old.
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