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Originally Posted by larryoracing View Post
The Sure Grip Classic is an excellent plate for the Artistic Student. I highly recommend it. Since the plate had Webers wheels on it, the person using the skates was probably a figure skater/went around the black circles painted on the skating surface and did turns.

I don't particular like the Team Roller Bones wheels, but they are OK. Probably would like the Bones wheels a little better.

I wasn't able to view the photos, but the boots are probably 220's or 297's which are fine. Great Boot.

My first skates were the Sure Grip Classic skates. You can still buy them. If you start to jump with these skates they might be a little weak and you will start bending things and have to go to a stronger plate, like a Snyder, Atlas or modern day Roll Line.

Thanks for posting.

Larry O
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