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The stock Red are a good place to start for most people. They are allegedly 90A, but, as you said, they seem to feel softer. But the numbers don't really matter.

Start with the trucks tightened to where the locknut is flush with the top of the kingpin and skate it for a little while:

If it is too loose still, where you feel woobly, tighten it just one or two chicks at a time until you feel stable. If you can see more than a full thread above the lock nut, you need harder cushions. The Yellow (95A) is for you.

If the flush nut/kingpin is too tight.. like you are having trouble turning.. then loosen a click at a time to where you can turn freely. If the tip of the kingpin is recessed into the locknut, then you need the Blue (88A) cushions.

No 2 skaters are the same, so stock advice on anything should be taken with a grain of salt. That said, MOST derby players are happy with stock red cushions. I am 210 lbs and skate the red cushions but I do put a lot of my "big guys" on the Yellows.
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