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Originally Posted by Gee View Post
Did you know the Paioli Hudora is back as Hudor?

The Paioli Hudora, an old plate from the 80's, has been brought back as Hudor. There are dealers in the US and UK carrying the Hudor. Both Hudora and Hudor use the same clip action as the Atlas which I prefer over the Roll Line and Snyder. The Hudor comes with rubber cushions. The truck on the Hudor is the same as the truck on the Piranha, Shark and Cristal, so you should be able to interchange the rubber cushions with the urethane cushions used on the other plates designed for freestyle.

I feel both Hudora and Hudor are excellent figure plates on par with Atlas and better than Roll Line. My preference for figures is to set the cushions to as loose as I can manage for loops and as tight as I can manage for circles.
Talk about resurrecting a thread!

I'm thinking about switching to the Hudor from the Roll Line Giotto. I'm just trying to figure out which EDEA boots I'm going to use and which size frame for those boots. I've got some questions for you:

(1) Did you skate Roll Line prior to going to the Hudor? If so, what Roll Line frame did you use?

(2) What differences do you perceive between Roll Line and the Hudor? How do you think this affects the performance?

(3) Do you use rubber or urethane for your figure setup?

(4) The Hudor is very heavy. Do you believe this helps or hurts you with figures?
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