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Smile Artistic Videos on how to do pairs.

I'm new to this board and very old..LOL! I skated singles, figures and dance in the 70's. I wasn't very good but got to go to regionals, SW Pacific. I think in those days if your pro thought there was some benefit in you going and you weren't going to look to bad competing, you were welcome to go.

Reading all the posts I know the more people who went contributed to the bottom line. I never thought of skating as a business. I think we all know it is.

But my true love was singles and to be quite honest about it, I performed lousy but I loved pairs and in my time I never saw a fours event. I never skated pairs but dreamed about it. It looked amazingly exciting.

I don't know if it would help, but I think there should be some videos on how to do pairs. Although I saw many pairs events and you can see many videos of the skaters, I have no clue on how boys lifted those girls and performed all those crazy tricks. I really think people who do pairs are crazy/dare devils. Not your average skater gets into pairs.

I also think there should be some books on the subject on how to perform those lifts. I just think it would help add interest in the sport.

Larry O
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