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The only point is to have one sticky (aka quick-reference) thread in the artistic forum instead of a long list of sticky threads. For example, instead of having 10 sticky threads listed at the top of the artistic forum, we will only have one sticky thread that lists all of them. what you are trying to do is reduce thee number of sticky threads. Well that makes sense. You did not let us all know that though, hence my asking.

Originally Posted by Kathie Fry View Post
Well actually, I didn't move them at all, I am only linking to them in this sticky thread. They are still located in the same place they always have been, and they can still be found the same way they always have been.
Well visually speaking the two topics/threads are no longer present on the main page. That said, any new members who come onto this site will not be able to physically see the two 'most important' threads that actually welcome them [where they introduce themselves and tell us all about their rinks].

You're in charge, and I'm not going to argue the choices that you make as far as how you run things here. Because I'm thankful as heck that you do what you do in the first place. However, I think it's always good to hear from members when they have concerns about how certain changes affect the membership, and new membership.


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