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What is the point of these nominations? Is it to weed out what "should not" be a part of this forum? Is it to reduce to total number of threads in the Artistic Category? Or is there some sort of award being given to the "winner" of the nominees?
The only point is to have one sticky (aka quick-reference) thread in the artistic forum instead of a long list of sticky threads. For example, instead of having 10 sticky threads listed at the top of the artistic forum, we will only have one sticky discussion that lists all of them.

what was the point of moving the two topics/threads that you nominated into your thread, and removing them from the main artistic category page? It would appear that since they are moved, people can't go directly to those threads that you have nominated as the two of most important, significant, etc. They'll have to 'find' that they are here inside this thread. No?
Well actually, I didn't move them at all, I am only linking to them in this sticky thread. They are still located in the same place they always have been, and they can still be found the same way they always have been.

I think this sticky thread will be especially helpful to new forum visitors who might not otherwise find some of our most interesting or most useful discussions of the past. Many of our best discussions have become buried over time.

- K
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