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Default Places to skate in Tucson

Originally Posted by shesk8 View Post
A few nice pathways I remember:
Reid Park: 3 mile loop: east of downtown (between Broadway & 22nd)
Santa Cruz river path: 9 mile+ loop: west of I-10 (follow Broadway west of downtown)
Rillito River path: 10 mile + loop: access from River Road/Country Club?
Freedom Park path: access from Golf Links/29th South/Kolb - skate west towards downtown.

That about covers it for trail skating as far as I know. I'll try to expand on each a little.

What part of town are you going to be in?

Reid Park is east central side of the city. It's probably the closest to the airport. It's bordered by Alvernon on the East, 22nd street on the south, country club on the west and Broadway on the north. It's a big park. Has a zoo too. Not sure you can skate in the zoo, but there is a path all the way around it. It's very popular for walking, biking and skating, but doesn't appear to be crowded.

I'm most familiar with the Rillito River path on the NW side of Tucson. I bike it or walk it though. You can skate it, I just prefer flat surfaces for skating and there are downhill areas since the path goes under the streets. I do see people skating it though so that's up to you. There are many access points for it along River Road.

I'm not very familiar with the Santa Cruz river walk. I've been on a small section of it only. You can't access any downtown areas from the freeway though so if you are driving in, you'll want to follow the exit signs if you are going anywhere near downtown.

I'm not familiar with the Freedom Park Path so I can't talk to that at all. I know the general area, but that's it.

If you decide you want indoor skating, there is only one rink left in town. It's on 22nd Street just east of Pantano. Website is

Does that help?
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