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Originally Posted by NibblesMcGiblet View Post
Unfiltered shot at the skate park this past summer. Can't do much there yet. I actually am enjoying speed skating at the rink a lot more than attempting trick skating at the park right now, but that's probably because I'm a lot LOT better at it. Either way, I decided that at this point in my life if I fall and break something I refuse to let people say "oh well at HER age..." (I'm 46, will be 47 in a couple of weeks). Nah, if I'm gonna break something it's going to be for a better reason than "my age". So, I go out and play at the park.

(looking at this pic amuses me a lot. my personality is so evident. "I'll wear safety gear but I'm gonna LIKE IT DANGIT! Sparkles and leopard print for miles!" hahaha)

Well, don't be worried about old. Most of us still kicking around in here are OLDER. You can be the Kid of the Group.
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