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Originally Posted by NibblesMcGiblet View Post
Hi everyone, my name is Jennifer and I'm a 46 year old wife and mom of 3 from upstate NY, nearish to Binghamton. I learned to skate in the local rinks between 1980-1982 when I was 7-9 years old, and I enjoyed indoor skating for many years after that. No idea what kind of skates I had back then, but my mother bought them at the rink for me and they treated me well. They were white high-top boots and had red wheels and a blue pompom with a bell on it attached to the toes!

I quit skating in my late teens and this past summer I decided to pick it back up. I bought myself a pair of Riedell 120 boots on powerdyne thrust plates and got some Radar Energy outdoor wheels on there, and set out to learn outdoor skating. Spent this past summer getting myself confident to that end, and also got myself a helmet and pads so I could try out some skatepark stuff (I would like to be able to navigate ramps sooner or later).

As it got colder out a couple of months ago, I slowly began to move it indoors to my local rink (same one I learned at so long ago!). I got myself some Rollerbones Team Logo 98A wheels a week or so ago after asking advice elsewhere for wheels with a bit less stick than my 87As that I also have, and am glad I got these. They have a bit of slide to them which is a new learning experience all over again, which is great!

My favorite thing about skating is GOING FAST! I have spent the past month plus just reading threads here, mostly in the quad forum and mostly threads from 2007-2008. I have a pair of vintage skates that I need some help with, so originally landed here when researching them.

Funny story - I saw people mention Pete from in those old 2008 threads, and then I got a recommendation to email him just a couple of weeks ago when I asked elsewhere about my vintage skates. I thought "ok this guy has been around all this time and is still the go-to guy for vintage skates? What a trip!" haha.

I will be posting in Doc's forum at some point to that end but for now - hi!

oh, I also am starting to practice with the local derby team. Never been in a sport and thought it looked fun. My derby skates are factory stock Bont Quadstars. See you all around the forums! If anyone here is also on reddit's /r/rollerskating/ or /r/rollerderby/ subs then you recognize my name. Yes, same person. so, hi to you all as well!
Welcome to SLF! I am also from upstate NY, in Chenango County. I learned to skate a rink in Sidney (that burned down several years ago) in the 70s. I also had a pair of artistic type skates, with the pom poms and bell on them. Too funny.

If you enjoy going fast, a friend of ours up there is involved in speed skating (as are my husband and I), also helps coach derby and teaches lessons in Oneonta. She lives in Harpursville I believe. I know she goes to Skate Estate sometimes. I can put you in touch with her if you want. Shoot me a private message. When my husband and I go upstate periodically, in nicer weather we go skate outside at Otsiningo Park.

Again, welcome to the forum!
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