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I have an update for one rink, and two to add.

Carousel in Lewiston now has a website here

Moon Glo II is in Bedford; it has a Facebook page here and it has the address. It's a nice rink, I was back there again Saturday. Smooth wood floor. It's also right off the Turnpike for anyone on a future trip through; it's less than 5 minutes off the exit.

Raystown Roller Rink is in Mt. Union. They have no website or Facebook, the address and phone number (the most info I could find online) are here. Last time I called (it's been a couple months) their hours were Tuesday 7-9, Saturday 7-9, and Sunday 3-5. I think the phone gets picked up somewhere when they aren't open, since I'm pretty sure i didn't call during those hours. Basically, if anyone is interested in going, if you call them someone can probably give you their current hours if these aren't them. I don't really know anything about it beyond that, just that it exists. I'll be going within the next couple weeks, so I'll update this space on it after I go.
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