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Originally Posted by Entropy View Post
Haha no I didn't link to a folder on my hard drive, I meant they're in my profile gallery album on here.

Album ID number 666, I noted. Rarr.

ETA: Oh I can see them now! Still can't see yours, Chilli.
If you quote my post, where your picture is showing, you will see the code I used to get your pictures to show.

Chilli: Copy the link to your pictures, wherever they are, and wrap that up in the image tags I used for Entropy.

Entropy's code was

I then put these on the front and back.
[img] [/img]

Edit: I checked your albums Chilli. They are not there for some reason. Might have to re-create.

If you have stuff on photo bucket or FB, you can get a link and put the image tags around it as well.
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