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Default Optimal radius turn around corners for max acceleration?

I’ve been working on falling and leaning into the turns and skate edges to increase my acceleration around the two cones at each end of the indoor inline speed skating track. I have no such problems practicing the lean and edging when warming up doing small radius turns (and squatting low enough to trail my left hand on the surface of the floor) following the painted arcing lines on the inner circle of the track.

But on the large outer track, I’m finding it difficult to sustain a steady lean (or falling sensation) to get a consistent hard push on each stroke. Besides the need to skate at a sufficient speed to achieve the optimal amount of lean, could I be rounding the first cone at too sharp/tight an angle and do I need to skate a more rounded larger radius arc from cone 1 to cone 2? How can I go about determining the optimal radius turn?
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