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Seba Trix are designed for close control and are therefore very tight fitting - they're not the best if you want to just cruise around for cardio. Additionally, many people I know have found the Trix cuff not to their liking at all... which is a shame considering the $400 they spent on them. Definitely try before you buy.

I would therefore say the GT skate or something similar would be a better option, but imo the GT is overly heavy and not a great skates at all (at least the generation 1 model).

Er, I don't know what else there is. I personally think their FR1 (deluxe) is the best "all-round do-anything" skate that you can just slip on and use, and at $200(?) is a much less risky proposition., but I don't know if that comes in 90mm. I'm sure it probably does these days, or there is no shortage of after-market mods. (I still have my gen1 FR1s from 2007!)

I would definitely go for 90mm (or even 100mm) over 84mm, if only because wheels are easier to procure. Larger sizes sound scary if you are are just starting out, but they soon just become another parameter.
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