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is skating again. WOOT!
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Aug 12:

Alrighty then...

Well, my motorcycle's in the shop having new tires, chain, & sprockets put on, so I had to do somethig different this weekend. So, I opted to skate.

Since I haven't skated a distance over 10 miles in exactly 2 months, I decided to do twice that. Boy, am I out of skating shape. I took the Garmin to have a good laugh, so here goes:

Total Distance: 22.0 miles
Total time: 1:55:37
Average Speed: 11.4mph
Average Pace: 5:15
Best Speed: 19.5mph
Best mile: 3:55 @ 15.3mph (mile 1, figures, right)
Worst mile: 6:10 @ 9.7mph (mile 22, again figures, right)

I was so trashed at the 17 mile mark, I was just hanging on to complete the loop. I guess the treadmill doesn't much in the scope of skating, does it.

And to think that the last 10 mile skate I did back in June, I averaged 14.8mph and averaged a pace of 4:02.

The old saying is definitely true... ya snooze, ya lose.
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