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Default Hi everyone

Hi everybody.

I'm Tarninou, old beginner at roller quads. I've done some when I was 12, but then my feet grew up and my parents weren't in the mood for buying a new pair of quad every 6 months so...

25 years later I stabilised that foot issue and here I am !

I'm from France (so please excuse my English) and for know I essentially learn the basics in a club and in a lost parking in my neighbourhood. Ideally, i'd like to skate a little bit in every situation: being able to follow a group in a hill, to curve in a bowl, to pass more than two cones in slalom, to move my old body on good music with my quads on without being to ridiculous... Long way to go, last week I jumped over a 40cm stuff and feel like I won a medal at the olympics game...

I probably won't be the more active member but I got a few questions and there are very few quadders left in France.

Thanks for welcomming me here, see you.
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