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So what is your point? lot of skaters run looser compression than I do. The cushions are a little more than shug, I don't do floppy trucks. So you will see much more movement on looser suspension, these are yellows. Blues would be way too soft for me to use and at my weight, IMO, would move much more than this. I don't believe in running the softest cushions, I believe in running the firmest cushions that let you achieve traction and handling. If the compression is too hard, you loose traction on marginal floors, too soft and you loose a bit of control. It is a balance. I had not seen cushion action captured on camera til now, maybe it has been captured before but I haven't seen it. Cushions distort quite a bit, the harder you lean, the more distortion you get. Cushions distort much more than people would normally believe that they do. If you are a session skater and cut and turn hard, you will be surprised at just how much a DA45 will move cushions around.
I don't have any mounted steeper kp plates to skate. However I can put a standard style plate, like a competitor and set up some lean. I bet they move a good bit too.

Its really simple the cushion is riding on the KP.
your photos prove it...
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