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Originally Posted by Mort View Post
Are you still using the double cone cushions between the plate and the truck?

Cushion life can be extended if the cushions you are using have the small ribs on the wider area(where it should contact the truck yoke) if you use suspension grease (valvoline synpower is what I use.) Where the cushions meet the truck yoke. This greatly cuts down on the rub that occurs when leaning the plate over.
I'm not having a rubbing friction problem, more of a crushing, splitting cushion problem. The area around the cone is limiting the action a little bit. When the DA 45 plate steering is slowed down, it takes a little more input(more lean), just enough that clearance around the cone is limited. If I were using standard cushion cups below the truck(the small ones), the cups would hit the trucks. Some of my older trucks have scrapes and wear where the cups made contact. So I have replaced the cups with washers, they were a bit small and I made some that were too large.. Trying to find the happy medium now. Possibly a radius-ed on one side, washer will work. That way I have compression, but the cushion is allowed to deform and roll onto the the edge of the washer but not compress so much to split it. If the washer is flat, it is compressed earlier because the edge of the washer is already loaded from the cushion and leads to ramp up and crushing of the cushion. Got some made up to test for Sunday. The feel of the trucks being forced over in my hands is fine but now to see on my feet.
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