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Originally Posted by Steamroller View Post
Hi. I have an extra pair of xk4 plates mounted to a pair of cleats. The other day I was messing around with the trucks and stripped one of the hangers where the kingpin threads in. I was wondering what the easiest way to have this fixed is? I've been told sure grip can replace the hanger directly. That said I was also wondering if it would be more efficient to have them fixed when I get new boots and have them remounted.

Are ya handy w/ tools?? Those are easy to carefully drill out the rivets and change the hangers. All can be bought separately.

Not handy?? Some sk8 techs can do a very good job. I would send it back to SG. I have changed hangers before, I now classify it as too much like work. SG has the production tools and parts to do the job like new.

Which brings me to my sizing problem I have pretty big feet around a 14 Shoe size and one of my feet is about a size bigger than the other. Im trying to figure out if I need a custom boot. Left foot is about 310 mm and right is about 302 in length.

OK your 302mm foot is ~ a size 13 3/4. Your 310mm foot is ~size 14.6. Enough to make me want to put you in something a bit more than off the shelf. Get on a Brannock Device and get the width and arch length for both feet. Then we can puzzle this deeper.

The xk4 is a size 8. Sorry for the long winded rant I've just been on Ill fitting gt50 skates for a long time and need a new setup. Thanks.
Yeah I would want to get something a bit more upscale as well. Lotta ways to get there too. I have a buddy on a 7 1/4" wheelbase Snyder Royal. He is a 14..

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