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Default cross rolls

Originally Posted by MANY_SkatingDave View Post

Thought about this and said what the heck. Since you are here learning why not.

Back Stepping: Now I have told you how your hubby is supposed to support you, YET Not hold your hands. So that is phase1. Back stepping is my term for going backwards crossing your skates to either side. You can actually on skates go pretty far out before planting the other skate. Kind of fun..

So at your Rink be the first one to Back Step skating backwards.

Yours in Skating, MA/NY Skating Dave
We are way outside the lines for beginner backwards. But, oh well.

The round the corner cross, where there is 8 on the floor and one foot crosses behind the other, is called a cross-pull. You can generate A LOT of speed from this.

The above sounds like a cross-roll. You can gain speed on this but not as much as a cros-pull. It's awesomely waltzy, I LOVE this move. But it is best to understand your edges before attempting, as it requires a change of edge after each step.

There is a video posted by ol Larry-O a long time ago. I'll try to lookup the link. I can't during my edit (previously posted ipad issue).

Well here it is on ice skates same-same.
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