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Again, thanks for all the great advice!
After reading some of your posts, I hope that I am practicing backwards skating using a proper technique. My position is slightly bent at the knees, usually looking over my right shoulder. I am pushing my feet side to side, gliding and not lifting the skates off of the floor. Am am using a sort of figure "S" pattern with my foot during the stride. I am finding myself using a chris/cross pattern when going around turns. I am not lifting my skate off the floor while doing the chris/cross. I have the urge to try cross overs around turns but am not confident enough yet to actually do it.
I hope I am not falling (no pun intended) into bad backwards habits. Also, great advice about my and Hubby's arm support. I have gone from hanging on for dear life to now barely touching his fingertips. Just knowing he is there makes me feel better.
I am from the mid-Atlantic region. And I now believe that Mort is correct.... Fakey is a term used in snowboarding refering to an unnatural stance on the board.
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