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Default What Do I Stand For


Last Night at Skating i got some word segment and found the song that I posted up above. Well I thought it was Rap, yet here it is the USA Civil War by the Band FUN. BTW the Civil War was more than just about Slavery. Remember the "Winners write the History" and Alter their Bad Behavior.

One more historical point is that after the Civil War and great destruction was a burst of Nationalism and Parades in the USA of a time gone past (1776) that sought to bind not to split. We once again as in the EU are at the Splitting Points.

Anyway this song playing now skates OK in Spots. Not really a great skating song like the first one I listed or one by Brittany BTW Ignore the Visuals like most of us Full Time ForeverWear Skaters. It is the pressure in this song that makes you skate faster and faster.

Some Nights {What Do I Stand For} by:FUN Fueledbyramen

Or these alternative links

Yours in Skating, MA/NY Skating Dave
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