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Maybe even you do not notice, but there are numerous US-based websites, newsgroups, companies, .... that are solely targeted to this limited area
Janneman, I have noticed that, and I have noticed that you have noticed it, so I hope you have also noticed that I try very hard not to be one of those sites.

For example, I try to add "U.S." when people post a thread title that only says National Championships, and I try to remember to add USD when I am talking about how much things cost, I try to mention provinces when I mention states, I expand on abbreviations or phrases in other people's titles that might not be understood by non-U.S. visitors, I ask our visitors not to worry too much about spelling in this forum because we have many international visitors, and I try to do anything else I can think of to make this forum and my other Web sites friendly to the international community.

I hope you don't think that because I linked to a very nice search engine for U.S. trails, that I assume all of our forum visitors are from my country, or that it means I only want to hear about trails in the U.S. I think (I hope!) you know me better then that. I love having so many international visitors in our forum, and I will do whatever I can to make all of them feel comfortable and welcome here.

- Kathie

PS: Now you are reminding me that I need to add a "Spelling and Grammer in this Forum" message to the "About This Forum" forum.
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