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Originally Posted by ballardthedome View Post
Skating down a sidewalk, moving pretty good because it was downhill (maybe 22mph). Saw a little patch of dust in the sidewalk ahead of me, didn't look like anything much at all, so just kept going. Unfortunately for me, the sidewalk had sunk (two plates of the sidewalk had both fallen at an end making a shallow V) and that patch of dust was actually about two inches of sand filling in that shallow V.
Ha! I had a similar spill in VA Beach a few years ago. Came speeding around a corner on a slight downhill slope, and saw what looked like a patch of concrete across the asphalt ahead. Right before I hit it, I realized that it was wet sand. Skates stopped, Scott didn't. Wrist guards did their job, but I picked up a fair amount of road rash in a few other places.

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