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Looking down when skating is a bad habit for a number of reasons. Looking down impacts balance and can effect your bodies equilibrium. The head is also the heaviest part of the body, dropping it's position can alter how you are positioned over your skates.

But, more important than head position, is where your eyes are focused. With skating balance and equilibrium issues are of concern in respect to where one is looking. In looking down you alter inner your bodies ear balance signals, and as such can become unstable. With eyes down, you also limit your visionary field, and miss keeping eye on where you are headed. Looking down tells you where you are here and now in relation to gravity and space. Looking ahead aids in balance and gives heightened sense of awareness needed to make quick reflex choices as you move on skates - necessary for anyone racing or anyone just trying to execute basic skating movements. It's best to train your eyes to look ahead, and use the periphery vision as a checkpoint guide - be it side to side or up and down, to do quick glances, etc.

You will find most every sport the consistent reminders by coaches to keep ones head up.

A little insight as to how our balance system works:
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