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Originally Posted by BigFoot View Post
... no wobble at high speed.
If you have wobbles at high speed you don't have the brain/muscle training that allows full use of soft cushions. A LOT of people hate on soft cushions for this exact reason.

You can't just put soft cushions on and skate and expect good results.

It usually goes like this:

* Find the point with a cushion combination (doesn't matter, same top and bottom, different top and bottom, cupped or flat retainers, grease whatever...) where you wobble at speed. Tighten the action to where the wobble just stops and skate.

* Next week loosen the action until the wobble starts and then tighten a bit till it just stops. Each time you should be able to control the wobble while the skate has more action.

* Repeat the above working your way to softer cushions.You never want the cushions so tight they bulge or so loose the truck is not controlled by the cushions. With some people you might need to use a split cushion configuration to achieve this. Usually harder on top and softer on the bottom before having the same (softer) hardness top and bottom. That is what I had to do back in my Roll Line days.

This is not a short or fast process. For most it takes months. If you do this on a low action plate you will likely have to repeat at least part of it if you go to a higher action plate like a DA45. Most would rather say "that doesn't work for me" or "I tried it and it sucked" than do the work. I hear that all the time but seldom from someone that took the time to train themselves. Usually it's the opposite, "I finally took the time and WOW!"

The advantages of soft cushions are not only better maneuverability but increased traction in turns since you put more longitudinal urethane on the floor faster. In many cases you can use a harder wheel with softer cushions since there won't be as much slippage.

Originally Posted by BigFoot View Post
But I think Mr. Rufus got it right: use what you like. Whatever blows your skirt up.
That is good as far as it goes but unless you share and understand other ideas there is little point of a forum for discussion.

Common wisdom is anything but...

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