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For me, I find slalom skating most fun with people around your level. I'm fortunate to have a group of friends who started roughly around the same time as I. A good thing about learning with a group of friends is that you can give each other advice and the competitive atmosphere is always healthy in striving to achieve better.

Despite that, I suppose the new tricks can be self-taught, however advice from an experienced skater is invaluable and often makes trick learning a lot easier.

EDIT: hahaha about the Eagle. I still haven't learned the Eagle yet, my legs bend better towards the reverse eagle position :P You don't need to enforce stretching (unless you really cannot bend that way I suppose), as you slalom more your flexibility naturally increases to adjust to the new tricks. When I started off I found rocket/footgun an impossible combination of muscle strength and flexibility, to my surprise recently (I don't really practice rocket at all), I was able to rocket through several cones, I guess I eventually found the correct muscles to use through learning other tricks or naturally become much more flexible
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