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Originally Posted by larryoracing View Post

I recently came upon a Miraculous Discovery, dealing with my ailing knee joints. It seems like everybody old/over 60 seems to have pains in their knees or complains how their knees hurt when they are skating/like skating turn dances.

I too have had the same problem for over a year know, but just skated through it. I skate almost every day, up to 4 hours per day. Sometimes I have even skate 6 hours or more in one skating session. And my knees ached every day and were sore, except for 3 days out of last year.

I just accepted the pain and considered it normal and just got use to it/skate through the aching/sore kness on a daily basis. I thought this was normal.

In the last three weeks I have tried something different. I started skating backwards, vigorously, with contempt and passion. As hard as I was skating forward, I applied the same attitude towards skating backwards. I would say for every hour I skated forward, I was skating 15 minutes backwards, doing three turns, edges and swings skating backwards.

Something happened. My knees stopped aching. I could not skate the long hours, but my knees never got sore. Every day, Iím basically pain free knees or sore-free with my knee joints.

I donít know why, but by exercising the back part of my legs my knee pains went away???? Why I donít know, but itís true.

Itís Miraculous. Itís amazing and I donít know why, but I love it! And it nice to skate without having sore knee joints all the time. Iím even thinking about jumping again. I have already started spinning routinely/jumping is next!


Larry O and long live your knees and happy skating backwards. It will save your life or at least your kneesÖlol!

Larry, That goes back the muscle imbalances discussed in the book. Most skaters probably put more pressure on the knees than they realize, especially if they're doing the same repetitive thing over and over again. By skating mostly forward dances you probably have tight quads, calves and little ankle dorsiflexsion. By skating backwards you are basically strengthening the opposite muscle groups to make the weak muscle groups stronger; therefore resulting less knee pain! Walking backwards, climbing stairs backwards and doing backwards box jumps can also do the same effect as skating backwards like you have been. Keep it up!

As for myself, I've made quite a bit of progress, a little regression and progress yet again! I've still been rolling my quads a few times a week, doing eccentric sqauts and stretching my tight muscle groups. For the past few weeks I have slowly starting jumping again but keep the sessions short so I don't over do it. One week I pushed a little too much and I was reminded that I can't go gung ho yet. I'm now at the point that I can do a one legged squat on my slant board, going all the way down. I don't have the strength yet to stand back up on right leg without an assist from my left leg but I'm getting very close!

Last weekend the Mrs. and I went to Disneyland. After driving for 6 hours and of course walking over 20,000 steps per day, by the end of day 2 my knees were a bit sore. I hadn't been doing my daily exercises. One would think walking wouldn't cause knee issues but it in fact did. On the 3rd day before we left for the park I made sure I did some eccentric squats. While it hurt at first, by the time I finished, my knees felt great the rest of the day.

We got back home Tuesday night and Wednesday it was back to training. I did an extended knee routine on Wednesday morning. Again I could tell my knees/legs were a bit tight but by the end of my workout I felt ok. I went to the rink Wednesday evening and did some figures and followed up with about 20 minutes of freestyle. My knees actually felt really good but again I didn't push it. This morning I did my regular routine and I feel like a million bucks. On a scale of 1 - 10 with 10 being the most painful, I feel like I'm about at a 2 maybe even a 1!

I'm hoping in a few more weeks I'll be feeling 100% with no issues at all. It takes a lot of time to do all the stretching, squats and rolling but in the end it has been so worth it!!
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