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Smile Get Rid of Knee Pain, Skate!

I recently came upon a Miraculous Discovery, dealing with my ailing knee joints. It seems like everybody old/over 60 seems to have pains in their knees or complains how their knees hurt when they are skating/like skating turn dances.

I too have had the same problem for over a year know, but just skated through it. I skate almost every day, up to 4 hours per day. Sometimes I have even skate 6 hours or more in one skating session. And my knees ached every day and were sore, except for 3 days out of last year.

I just accepted the pain and considered it normal and just got use to it/skate through the aching/sore kness on a daily basis. I thought this was normal.

In the last three weeks I have tried something different. I started skating backwards, vigorously, with contempt and passion. As hard as I was skating forward, I applied the same attitude towards skating backwards. I would say for every hour I skated forward, I was skating 15 minutes backwards, doing three turns, edges and swings skating backwards.

Something happened. My knees stopped aching. I could not skate the long hours, but my knees never got sore. Every day, I’m basically pain free knees or sore-free with my knee joints.

I don’t know why, but by exercising the back part of my legs my knee pains went away???? Why I don’t know, but it’s true.

It’s Miraculous. It’s amazing and I don’t know why, but I love it! And it nice to skate without having sore knee joints all the time. I’m even thinking about jumping again. I have already started spinning routinely/jumping is next!


Larry O and long live your knees and happy skating backwards. It will save your life or at least your knees…lol!
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