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Get better wheels
skate faster so you have more momentum

When skating across rough terrain, its a lot like trying to walk through knee deep water, your core needs to firm up as the ground under you will feel like its dragging your legs back. You will need to ve prepared to drag your leg forward as you stride. Ever have a kid latch onto your foot while you try and walk? Its alot like that

Thats where good wheels come into play, high rebound urethane wheels with a core insert. Ive skated a lot of wheels indoors and out, probably the best ones are Atom poison wides, 84A (prefer them over road hogs even), and Cosmic Superflys 90A. I think the road hogs are too thick of a urethane and also too soft for most of the terrain I skate on outdoors. The Superflys are my favorite.

Wheel width doesnt mean the axle nuts wont fit, that has to do with the wheels hub/core spacing. The wider that bearing seat in the wheels (the gap between the bearings) the less room for the nuts. The wheels you have on there probably have a spacing of .400 most wheels for quads are .300. Cosmic superflys are about .320 to .340

Id recommend atom poisons or the superflys, whichever is cheaper. Bearings make minimal influence.
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