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Hi. I'm Martijn from the Netherlands. Started ice and inline speed skating about five years ago because my wife kindly asked me to. How could I deny that ;-) I found and still find it hard to learn but really like it. After standard recreational skates I bought K2 Radical pro's and then a pair of Bont Jets. The Jets with the 3pf 6061 frame and 110mm Bont G3, Mayhem 85A and 87A wheels. I still like the Radical pro's and really love the Jets, to me they rock. Last year I bought second hand Powerslide Cell and Rollerblade Twister freestyle skates. I mostly use them (with Led wheels) for a local Friday Night Skate. I don't like competition but I do like speed and love to skate long distances. My goal for next season is to inline skate the Elfstedentocht (225km). Still a lot of training ahead ;-)

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