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Default Props for nylon skate wear

Iím a strong guyÖand by ďstrongĒ I mean strong smelling. Also sweaty. I have a ton of good qualities that offset these drawbacks, but thatís another story. Iím talking skate clothes. Me: outdoor skater, So Cal resident and, of course, strong and sweaty. So Cal: 284 days of sun, avg. temp 72⁰, and punishing summer heat. This is a recipe for grossness.

I try to wear as little clothing as possible when I skate. Perspiration is an effective coolant and I don't want to restrict it with clothing. I wear a t-shirt/muscle shirt, shorts, no-show socks, straw hat/sun visor. Skating in cotton clothing is good because it is soft and it breathes, at least until it gets sweat-soaked. Cotton is a bit cooler when soaked, but itís heavy and clings to your body, thereby losing its comfort. Polyester is thinner than cotton and wicks away perspiration. Not really an improvement over cotton because itís so damn hot. It like wearing a space blanket. Better used for cold temperatures than hot ones. For stench retention, cotton is worse than poly.

So last year I switched to nylon shirts, shorts and socks. This was a big improvement. Itís breathable, cool, lightweight, strong, abrasion resistant (for body slams on concrete), doesnít shrink, doesnít hold moisture, soft, smooth, resists mildew, blocks ultraviolet rays (not to be confused with ultra violent Ray the drunkard who hangs out at Jumboís Clown Room), fairly stretchy, thin, and quick drying. Itís the perfect fabric when you are dripping with sweat. Less body odor, too. The only negative seems to be the strange colors that are available. They are either pale, sickly-looking shades or bright fluorescent colors. Then again, maybe these are the designerís idea of fashion statements, I dunno.

Anyway, I would like hear your thoughts on this. I am behind the times on most things, so if you know of something better let me know.
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