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Originally Posted by rwsz View Post
Jinx an L shape is good and correct, most skaters use it or did anyhow lol. on the lutz dont turn till you toe off, if you take too long to get in the air it will be almost like a salchow, on the sal most skaters use the toe today and take off even though its suppose to be an edge takeoff. just dont spin on the toestop go straight up and the arms will take you around along with the free leg.

So should kind of twist from my hips up , like mostly shoulders and arms? I feel like I may be putting too much emphasis on my spin. As i started to attempt 360's in my skates while standing still I found that it took ALL of my energy to get about 85% of the way around, but every once in a while i'd jump and get 100% around and feel like it only took 50% of the energy, it was those times i feel like maybe my back was completely straight, (i still struggle to keep it straight!), so with this new jump i fear i'm leaning over and its cuasing me to put so much energy into the spin that I'm not focusing on the jump or straight or other important aspects...

I'm not giving up, i just sometimes feel like there's XX number of things i need to keep in my head right before the jump, i used to kind of be that way with the waltz jump and mapes (even if i'm not great at those yet) but now those jumps are a little closer to reactionary and not quite as much "Pre-thought" about all the little things that need to happen going into it.

I'm sitting here with my leg still sore just wanting to get back to the rink and try again! But I dont want to push it, becuase of my sloppiness I need the full strength of my leg becuase for some reason i end up landing on my left leg and not my right yet (though with my little cheat where I was slightly turning on the toes stop I found my right leg hitting the floor before the left, but I wouldn't quite call it a landing, since i was relying on my left am to save me from the floor 100% of the time (left arm sore too!)

Should i be lifting my left knee kind of upwards as I toe off? I had asked kylie and she said just kind of sweep it around the right foot, but I'm not sure whats better for my learning level right now.
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