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Originally Posted by polishedball View Post
Thanks most of the links in that thread seem to be page not found now. I have watch other videos making sure the pivot doespress down into cup and have slop when pressed down as well as when just on the single cushion the truck meeting and aligning with the cushion with no tilt or space. What seems odd is that the setup appears correct with the pins barely turned out almost retracted completely. Is this normal on an avenger size 5 plate? Just seems odd it wouldnt be a more nuetral position than almost fully retracted. Thoughts?
I would get a little experience with the whole thing. Play with your first setup. I was going to say make it short, then make it long just to see what they all look like. But probably just make the pin long. You should then easily see how the truck angle is wider on the pin side, shorter on the opposite. And then optionally, shorten it until it gets short. Or, just take the long side down until it right. Maybe just a squinch short, to allow for a turn of tension on the top cushion.

One thing to watch for is if everything is seated well when you start looking at the pivot pin. Sometimes your truck and bottom cushion will seat well and you measurements will be good. Other times, you might need to put the top cushion on and tighten, just to make sure things are set down, then loosen well, then check the pin length. I used to even have to watch out for a king pin loosening. But yours is pressed in and should not be a problem.

There have been a number of DA45's, and seemingly odd, and different neutral positions have been discovered. So, hard to say on yours. I don't have your plate. I have a white mag, and an Invader, both with the original DA45 truck. You have a newer plate and a newer truck. I will say, until you get this well, you can fall prey to some wrong interpretations. I did. I did the setup a couple of time, then started messing with things, and putting them back, and missed, and missed, and missed. That pushed me to create the neutral point notion. Since then, I can nail the setup.

It almost wouldn't be a terrible if you set things off a time or two. Just to see how different the skate feels when things are wrong. Way to turny if long, kind of mushy and loses traction if short. But when it is right, it feels great.
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