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Originally Posted by polishedball View Post
Tweaking the action will take some time, as it is much different than the 20 year old hardened cushions I had been skating on combined with the DA45 I was shocked how tight they could turn with just leaning.

I have the purple cushions and am thinking I may want a step harder to avoid over tightening them as my current weight is 240.
I would set aside the notion of "tuning". Or, at least the conventional notion. A da45 should be set up with the pivot pin at the right length. Then you just tighten the cushions down a bit.

Proper pivot pin length is the most important "setup" item. Once you have it, you can't go around tightening or loosening cushions. If you end up with a darty, too responsive skate, the pin is too long. If you get a mushy, not responsive skate, it's too short.

Tuning for how easy things are, are as you already said. Which cushions to use.

Here is some pivot setup info.
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