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Originally Posted by Mort View Post
When your edge control gets really dialed in after a few hours of skating and really getting the sensitivity in check, you'll be just fine.

In fact, I would recommend you change the cupped retainers for flat washers. and use a little grease between the flat area of your cushions and the truck. The cushions should have 2 different sides as well, one has SURE GRIP on it and the other a bunch of ribs(theres reason for this, those little ribs help to hold a lubricant in place). Those ribs get the grease and face the truck, the SG stamped side get put against the retainer/washer.

Personally my favored traditional kingpin setup is purple cushions with undersized flat washers, they're firm enough where they support a good hard lateral push, but soft enough to still edge if setup as described. Also on stamped washers there is a rounded side and a sharp side from the stamping process. The sharp side goes against the plate/nut and the rounded side against the cushion. While I haven't seen damage from doing the opposite, best not to chance the rougher edge of the washer against to cushion. Since when you edge the plate over, that cushion will be deforming and could possibly get damaged at its edge if it starts to wrap around that sharp corner on the washer.

I also put a thin film of grease on the kingpin shaft as well, this helps the cushions squirm away as intended and not wear or get stuck to the kingpin.

You'll get a LOT more life out of a set of cushions when using grease, the suspension will be smooth and compliant, it will reduce ramp up resistance since they will be able to slide on the contacting/compressing surfaces(also flat washers helps this) and after a hard edge that 8s held for a moment of your skates, when you go back to center, it will return to center and not get stuck in a turn. Essentially you wont have to make them center back up. If you've ever seen a skateboarder get wheel bite after an ollie/flip trick/etc , and have to bail off his board, the skateboard will usually stay turning because it cant recenter easily in a dry assembly.

Ideally you dont want much compression applied with the kingpin nut. Just enough to take out all slop and then a smidge for your bodyweight, since when you step down your weight will compress the plate side cushion a small bit. My go to setting is where it becomes difficult to spin the cushion with my fingers, but not impossible. From that point I wont tighten much more than 1 full rotation, 1 you'll need to adjust the pivots, and 2 it's just too much on the cushions. If it's too loose for someone at that point they'll need to try to get used to it for a session or 2 first, if they truely feel it's too loose after that, they should go up in cushion hardness instead of cranking the nut way down, or possibly go back to cupped retainers as an in between instead of going to a harder cushion.

Also a good boot for you to possibly look into is a Riedell Solaris. It's a middle to wide ball (C to D width feet) and a narrow heel to prevent just what you described.

Hope all goes well for your skating session!
Thanks for the info, I did put the cupped washers in as i found in the picture, never thought of them cutting in. I think I need to loosen up my setting abit. Thanks so much for your thoughts on this.
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