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Originally Posted by Quadster View Post
The 2015 Evos were on my shortlist, and quite a few of my inline friends skate them (or the equivalent model from previous years). I liked the idea of the boots being heat-mouldable. However, despite the boots having that capability, a few people told me that they were still extremely uncomfortable (even after a year of regular use)
I used to fit skates, hiking boots, rock climbing shoes, etc professionally for 15 years and made thousands of feet happy. My new EVOs were a real challenge. I personally have very little trouble with boot comfort across the board. I used some tricks I doubt anyone else has ever tried in the heat fitting process. I also discovered that the top edge of the carbon footbed ends exactly where my pointy ankle bones touch on the inside. I also figured out how to keep this from recurring as heat molding alone is not enough.

I wear high calf length socks. I pull them all the way up then wrap a 4"x5' ACE bandages around each ankle careful not to create lumps or folds. Then I fold the socks down over the ACE bandages to hold them in place when I put the skates on. The ACE bandages in effect make my skinny ankles/shins the same diameter as my pointy ankle bones. Finally, I hardly tighten the skate laces and buckles at all. I think over-tightening was part of my initial problem. Now the EVOs feel like pillows from heaven filled with holy goose down. Skated 30 miles in them this weekend and finally they are like part of my body, not some foreign object clamped to my feet.

This is just FYI and for anyone else considering the Hardcore Evo skates. It took me about a month to figure it out, then 6 weeks to heal up completely from the experiment (because I skated a few hundred miles in them hurt anyway).
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